Whether your preferred look is modern, rustic farmhouse, urban or country, hygge or boho chic,

Maison Malou can create the style that suits you by utilising elements already in your possession, knowing how to place the objects and how to tweak and add bits and pieces of interest.
 In décor there is no rule. It is about expressing your lifestyle and everything you love.

Mustard! one of my favourite colour on the palette, a reminder of my love of Provence. In small touches and in combination with right colours it brings chic elegance and a splash of happiness in decor.

Ines de la Fressange - Colours in a Parisian Apartment

The most interesting homes are the ones which spill your personality.
Explosion of colours evokes individuality. Artful, creative, fun.

Finding your style

I believe your home is your sanctuary. A place where you get to relax, entertain your friends, enjoy to be with your family and which should be stress free.
Once you have established the bones of your place _wall colour (paint or wallpaper), flooring (wooden floor, carpets, tiles), your furniture, you can start having fun with the finishing touches.
Cushions, rugs, throws which can be changed often and can transform the whole feel of a room. You can easily mix some heirlooms with things bought at a chain store.
A large mirror is always a must as it opens up a space, brings light in, makes a statement.
Art comes in all prices. From a talented local artist that catches your eye to a poster of a well known painter, small framed prints put together, artful photos of your kids in black and white.
Maison Malou helps you to find your style which is expressing your individuality in your interior, making it comfy and cosy, reflecting your lifestyle, interests and unique to your needs.

Vintage and greys = a timeless mix

There's a certain elegance which is carried in grey, subtle gentle yet strong. It reveals its moods with browns and allows to be married to fabrics i.e Toile de Jouy to stripes with style.