I loved this house in Kangaroo Valley. It was a blank canvas to my imagination. From cream to wattle yellow the walls saw swift overnight changes and my children learnt that the furniture used to have a life of their own!
The open plan living room/kitchen was as big as a handkerchief but the options were limitless and all corners were regularly explored and reinvented.

Nature always brings that note of energy into your home. Throughout all seasons, flowers or leaves, pods or seashells collected along the beach; the vast array of collectible items is accessible at your door step.
Get to look around for bits and pieces that will not only be a reminder of a great outing, hiking you just did but will linger the experience in your home.

A feature wall in mustard yellow recreated this cosy corner where I like to lay with a book or with laptop. To me it speaks of my love of Provence. It spills sunshine on any gloomy days!

Those Tolix chairs were red originally and I fell in love with this sandy hue. It is ok to blend modern and vintage, French farmhouse with Boho chic. Whatever takes your fancy as long as you love it!

 I collected this native bunch from a bush walk. Sometimes I bring home a bouquet of gum leaves, nuts, pods, shells, whatever reminds me of the special moments I have just lived outdoors.

Felt like changing the scenery tonight. Dragged a vintage cedar table from the shed, one of our treasured pieces and created a cosy corner. A couple of green bottles bought @ a local garage sale filled with dried flowers picked up on the side of road, an old French family tea towel converted in a lampshade, a feathered cushion on an old chair salvaged from a street in Sydney years ago with a distressed look in my favourite greige colour and Voila! Styling is all about attention to detail. 

1 ~ Whether your preferred look is rustic, modern, design, urban or country... you can create that personalised touch by utilising elements already in your possession. I love mixing old and new; vintage and rustic.
In this picture the only 'new' piece is the lamp which I fell head over heel in love with. Bought at a local homewares shop. The distressed mirror (one of my favourite pieces) was found at the local tip by my husband. The blackboard in old frame was made by him. The display cupboard, a find which was restored both by my husband and I (cut tin inserted in doors) - distressed paint and choice of black iron handles by me. I love Toile de Jouy and use it often in my house. Here the curtains which I made from original French toile purchased online and toile cushion made by a local artist sewer in Kangaroo Valley. The things you love are what make your décor speak of you.

French farmhouse x rustic x vintage

 2 ~ Avoid mixing too many colours; the right yellow in the right amount in a décor with a dominance of greys, can bring energy across.  Here I introduced a yellow toile lampshade and a single yellow cushion to give a spark of mustard (my favourite colour!) against a grey backdrop. I threw a bohemian/tribal cushion in terracotta/grey/green colours as to give the room a relaxed boho chic look.
Get to know your colour palette.

3 ~ Draw some inspiration from magazines or designers but avoid "copy-paste" as it voids immediately your personality. And this is where the fun and creativity comes in when you can see reflections of your own style in the décor. Unique and personal, which nobody can reproduce 100%!

It is your home, your safe haven. You can express what you love and go fearlessly. Don't stick to styles but blend all the styles, the colours which speak to you. Be creative. Be free. 
And if this sounds too terrifying to explore or you just can't be bothered because it is not your area of expertise or interest at all, call me and I will come and work the magic in your home for you.


Breathe...and NEVER doubt yourself

My passion for styling goes way back to my teens when cooped up in my small bedroom I would regularly push furniture around (consisting of a bed, a bookcase which opened up as a desk "secretaire" and a bedside table, just to recreate a different feel. Suddenly new posters would find a spot on the walls, flowers would set themselves in makeshift vases; Mum would be urged to get me new cushions, a rug... just to create a new feel
This is what you aim to achieve when styling, not just to create a 'magazine' perfect look but a feel of comfort and a harmonious balance of colours and decor elements.
'Home is where the heart' is may sound cliche but it is really in your home that you can express your style. It is influenced by your stories, your background, your roots, your interests. French Boho style to me is the expression of my French background (love of Toile de Jouy, farmhouses and greys), the Boho style stems from my lifestyle, the non conformism attitude, the aching to break away from mainstream and be free; living on a tight budget, recreating my decor with each move and creative expression. The rusticity tells the story of my love for my grandparents farmhouse, my past in collecting vintage pieces. It gathers items with a meaning, a story. A story of love.

 Styling doesn't require expensive modifications. Tweaking with new cushions, throws in various styles and colours can shift a décor feel. 

The mood of a room can be created by using a single focus. Here this gorgeous settee dressed with striped linen cushions in various shades of beige, on a grey background sets the monochromatic mood. Simple and yet stunning. 

Mustard! one of my favourite colour on the palette, a reminder of my love of Provence. In small touches and in combination with right colours it brings chic elegance and a splash of happiness in decor.

Artful kitchens Black & White

Simplicity and elegance.

Ines de la Fressange - Colours in a Parisian Apartment

The most interesting homes are the ones which spell your personality. Explosion of colours evokes individuality. Artful, creative, fun.