A little finesse

When it comes to the world of dreams, surround yourself with your cherished possessions: photos of your loved ones in etched glass for a shabby effect, antique silver for a vintage look or rustic lime washed frames for this cottage or country feel.
Create an ambience with lamps of interest that project that velvety glow; old world, or brand new 'revisited' lampshades that you mix and match in an effortless way.
Dress the windows with fabrics conducive to dreams; pieces of Toile revealing peaceful pastoral scenes or embroidered tablecloths, antique towels can compose incredible wraps and provide any window with that original touch.
As to the zone of comfort...bring out the pillows! harmonise with the simplicity of trapunto, go crazy with florals, add a dash of broderie anglaise, a vintage lace.
Whatever your look, be it country or modern, eradicate the limitations and experiment with the fabrics that appeal to you.
Anything is possible to create the land of dreams!