Finally fell in love with crochet ~ which was the big craze here last year. I had to wait a tempo as I am not a follower of any craze... Having collected bits of wool from mum on my last trip to France and relinquishing the need to watch TV and its dreary programs, I set myself to the task. Asked a bit of guidance from next door neighbour as to the trick behind that double crochet or treble, looked up a couple of tutorial for the finishing scalloped edge which I am yet to do and on my way. I have to admit that I prefer hands on then learning from reading indications. It is the most relaxing hobby and it is so rewarding to see a project coming to term so quickly. I do not follow a strict pattern as I love improvising as I go with different colours, wools, cottons, etc. but I started making individuals squares with a basic one and then set myself free. 
*Please contact me if you wish to find out more. Happy crocheting!