Breathe...and NEVER doubt yourself

My passion for styling goes way back to my teens when cooped up in my small bedroom I would regularly push furniture around (consisting of a bed, a bookcase which opened up as a desk "secretaire" and a bedside table, just to recreate a different feel. Suddenly new posters would find a spot on the walls, flowers would set themselves in makeshift vases; Mum would be urged to get me new cushions, a rug... just to create a new feel
This is what you aim to achieve when styling, not just to create a 'magazine' perfect look but a feel of comfort and a harmonious balance of colours and decor elements.

It is whilst working with Lead Designer Noela Coffey @Mageia Design ( that I revived my undying passion for Interior Decor on a professional level. My house still gets styled everyday!
I  decided it was time to share with home lovers a few styling skills, elements of Design, colour palette and will be running some upcoming workshops in the Cambewarra Hall.
If you wish to explore the basics of Design; learn about the styling tricks and get guidance to purchase the pieces and elements that will work for your own decor, come and join us @Maison Malou in our next workshop.
You get to create your own personalised mood-board in a fun, relaxed and happy setting.
Call Malou on 041 333 2545 to reserve your booking.