Born in France I have been residing in Australia for half of my life. I am a freelance creative soul, passionate about décor. 
 It is fair to say that there is a definite French flair added to everything I do. 
I don't like following any particular rule and  love throwing odd things together to add that special quirk.
 Mixing old and new, vintage and modern, rustic and design, things that I fall in love with.
 My favourite fabrics are Toile de Jouy and linen. 
Colours I like to play with are 'greige' (that particular grey/beige colour) and my favourite remains mustard as a reminder of my love of Provence; so there is always a 'something' mustard folded in my décor. 

Most of the pieces in my house have been revamped, distressed by me. I love collecting odds and ends, particularly items that belong to Nature i.e gum leaves, pods, nuts, bark, branches.
Each object finds a special spot in my home and I do believe...
as French poet Lamartine said:  'Inanimate objects do you have a soul which attaches itself to our soul ...'