My love of French farmhouses and both provincial and provençal lifestyles always guide the
way in which I style my home. I love tweaking the elements by adding a particular rug or
 throw or paint a piece of furniture. I get to change the fabrics of curtains or cushions and love the versatility and the immediate change that this creates in the house. The piece de resistance in my house has been my 3 ft farmhouse table (in its raw state or distressed painted - it has seen many paint coats along the way!) So whether I decide to set the theme with linen lampshades or dress up the windows with vintage linen 'draps' I end up with this eclectic style. 

There are many styles to inspire yourself from; traditional, classic, modern, Industrial, Hampton, Shabby (to name but a few!) to the latest trends Hygge or Wabi Sabi. New styles (or new names for already existing styles) pop up regularly and appear in glossy magazines which we want to emulate and recreate in our own homes. How these styles may influence your style is good, however find what you love in your own life. Are you a beach lover? then claim some beautiful shells along the beach which are unique and place them in a fabulous arrangement (in a crystal vessel, on a vintage chiselled glass stand). Are you a nature lover? whenever you are on a walk look around and collect pods, striking piece of bark, bunch of leaves with fabulous markings and place them in one of your favourite containers (a vintage olive bucket, a tall modern vase, an artist handmade pottery...) Are you an avid photographer? time to print those fabulous shots and place them in creative frames. Your family and/or friends will surely peruse them at leisure and get happiness from knowing you took them! Are you a knitter, a crocheter, a sewer? handmade knitted throws in chunky wool are surely a must on the side of the lounge, claiming a soft and inviting spot. Crocheted items create that sense of nostalgia and rehearsing for days where plastic will be banned forever!! Handmade cushions in all creative fabrics that take your fancy are a definite stamp of signature styling. They are 'homey' and artistically flavoured. Don't be shy to showcase your unique talents. And those items can't be bought anywhere!!

My own flavours are definitely stemming from my French background. There is always something mustard thrown in my décor.

It is said that French have a certain 'je ne sais quoi' (an innate 'savoir faire' in how to place elements in a home effortlessly). Expressed in the visual and harmonious balance that is achieved in putting things together which defies the rules of décor. 

Interior décor styling is more than using influences from styles and passing trends; it is about creating that unique signature which speaks of our loves. There is no copy/paste. It is about creating a space  in which you can relax,  feel cosy and comfy.

With special attention in the styling finish so that you get to be as innovative as you wish in your little corner of life.