I am heading to WA in the Pilbara region to spend some time with my awesome daughter.
My new venture is aligning my core beliefs with my love of styling and 'rebirth' of my love for cooking.
Because I believe that ALL animals have the right to live in equality on our planet and that we were given dominion (care) over them and that the world would be just great if we would understand
that food doesn't have to come from their dead (most of the time abused and tortured) bodies but that we have EVERYTHING available to us to offer us yumminess and goodness for our bodies.
That was a bit of a mouthful! but there you have it; this new venture is about eating right and eating well.
Plants, vegetables, fruits, seeds galore in endless recipes.
It is about reaching out to people daily to offer them a 'Healthy Food on the Go' option which contains just that = Yumminess and Goodness.
So on my return I will be launching Graze on Green.

With kindness towards our world - Malou ;)